How to save my relationship?

Well my bf's best friend got a girlfriend of mine preggers and told her to recall her sexual adventures...
my girlfriend was really weak in replying him back.. saying it's her problem she will deal with it.

being a girl I could not believe what he said... I messaged him and said some cruel truth.. he was like who told you you could talk to me in this manner and I ended the conversation by saying, if u think you are such a decent guy then where is your decency in what u did?

my boyfriend got angry at me.. he told me he can't say much.. but the tongue and tune I used was inappropriate.. I guess he is quite shocked because he knows me as a sweet and kind girl.. but I never hide him that I could also be really bad and have bad characters.. he just never experienced it before so now we are avoiding each other.. i guess that would be the end of us together.
Obviously like any guy, he likes his best friend more than me.
is there a way that we can grow close again?

p. s I didn't want to poke my nose in their stuffs but being a girl and a feminist.. i felt the need to support her.. I don't know if I did right or wrong.. but I needed to say something so I said it!
How to save my relationship?
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