SHE said she doesn't want to TALK and he said "HE will KILL himself"?

We broke up almost a month back. I went on holiday and our communication had become minimalistic. The day after I got back, I met her because it was her birthday. We had a lot to drink and good conversation and laughter lead to flirting and that eventually lead up to us having sex. We then didn't meet and talk very casually only on text but knew that we were great together because we loved each other's company. We broke up only because she didn't want to overly get emotionally attached because she moves to another country in 6 months.

It has been almost 1 week and we just casually texted and gave each other some space to try and accept the fact that we were meant to be only friends. It was harder for me becasue I never wanted to break up in the first place

However, I got drunk one night and called her. I lied saying that I had not drank that night. The call was to tell her that I miss her and couldn't really stop thinking about her. And I did do just that and she said it too.

I don't remember why, but we started a fight and it got ugly. NOW while all of this was happening, my parents had been fighting at home. I wanted to just talk about it with her, however because of the fight never really got the opportunity until the very end.

She wanted to leave and go, and just then I tell her thatbi have to share something very important with her, please just hear me out. She didn't agree and the next thing I know, is that I've blurted out "talk to me, I'll kill myself. I've been having some problems at home and I need to talk." She calmed down and asked me talk about it. BUT THEN I TOLD HER TO GO becasue it just felt like she was putting up an act. And then my battery died so it looked like I hung up. I tried calling her back 5 6 times but she wouldn't pick up. I clled to tell her I was sorry and talk.

She thought I emotionally manipulated her and couldn't believe it. She now for real doesn't want to be with me. I tell her that what happened was a misunderstanding.
What can I do to get her back?
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And did I really emotionally manipulate her?
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SHE said she doesn't want to TALK and he said "HE will KILL himself"?
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