Are these reasons to break up with my boyfriend? Please help! I am SO confused?

We’ve been dating for 5 weeks. He is 33. I am 23. He is recently split from his wife and has a 2 year old boy. He is from a Spanish country.

Reason #1: He KEEPS talking about having a KID with me

I don’t even know if I want a kid. Or to be married. Never even brought it up with previous boyfriends. But this guy almost every time we see each other brings up that he will one day be the father to my child, we’d make pretty babies, etc. I say to him EACH time that I don’t want a child anytime soon, maybe when I’m 30. He will say okay but then brings it up anyways. And he told me recently he had a dream he had a little girl with me and that his dreams “usually come true.” I was worried about my period coming, and he kept saying well if you’re pregnant what will we do, and that he is against abortion and would love to have a child with me. When it came I was so excited and when I messaged him saying OMG it came! He just said “cool” and seemed disappointed.

Reason #2: Language, cultural, and age barrier

I notice a lot that I’ll make a reference, joke, etc and there will be crickets on his end because he doesn’t understand it. It takes joy out of things because I’ll enjoy something or even want to talk about something and he just literally won’t understand what I’m saying. Since he only moved here a few years ago, and speaks primarily Spanish, there is a lot he doesn’t understand or he didn’t grow up with that is a disconnect for us.

Reason #3: He talks about himself A LOT

We went out to dinner last night for example, and he dominated 85% of the conversation. And it’s usually about him because he thinks he’s so special. Literally, I’ll be talking and he will talk over me and carry on about himself, his belief or experience. It has gotten to be that I’m sitting there just saying yeah and nodding my head. It’s as if he doesn’t even want to hear about my life or experiences unless it has to deal with him or has any effect on him.

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Are these reasons to break up with my boyfriend? Please help! I am SO confused?
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