I see things that remind me of him everywhere?

My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago for no reason whatsoever, besides that he didn't think he wanted to be in a relationship right now, but now I see his name everywhere, and it doesn't feel right to not be able to go see him, it feels like we are still together but I just can't go to his house and hold him. I see his name everywhere, I see things that obviously relate to things about him or things we have done, I dream about him every night, and every time I turn on the radio one of our songs comes on. I can't go tell him this, because I don't want to chase after him, because he's the kind of guy that would run away further, just do you think that he is getting the same things every now and then? Because we know that when it was us two, things where different then in the past, things where really right, and I think he ended it because he started to feel like I could be the one that he says I love you to and he got scared. Help?


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  • if he's scared, then you need to figure out how to make him not scared...obviously, he won't come back to you, so you'll have to make that first step otherwise, he will just be scared

    you need closure, so either do it with him and end it or get back together...find a new hobby to move on...find a new boyfriend to move on


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