Shall I invite my ex boyfriend for a annual company event?

We dated on and off for 4 years on a long distance relationship, 2 years ago I broke up with him due to his ambitious on career and less time he could spent with me ( I told him my disappointment and I just cut all contact with him for 1.5 year). Lately he initiated an e-mail for my birthday and thank me for the good time we had and that he enjoyed those time we were together and hoping to see me again. I must admit I missed him a lot but these 2 years but I have learned to live without him and I am quite happy with what I am now (part of me afraid that I have to go through the same thing again since he never wanted to commit to our previous relationship).

Lately he wrote that he hope to see me soon but didn't say when and how. he wrote something like : those time spent with you was my best moment and I enjoyed it a lot and I hope we will meet soon again.

I know it sounds crazy, there is a formal company event which most employee will bring their spouse (around 500 people will attend), I don't have a partner to go with and I am thinking to invite him as a partner to attend the event. He stayed 2 hours away from me. Part of me thinking we have some history to reconcile and I am not ready to start dating him yet, but I would love to see him and would like to have a partner for the company event and I don't want him to think I am too 'easy' or desperate.

Should I totally forget about the idea and not attending the dinner (that's what I have decided, no partner I wouldn't go).

Shall I invite my ex boyfriend for a annual company event?
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