I don't get my ex why is she mad and why would she be so mean?

Okay so there was a thing for my brother at school a canned food Drive. Well any ways I was driving around town trying to find a group he could walk with to go house to house with asking for canned food and of coarse the first group was You know who my Ex . And any ways my bros like I don't know them don't drop me off there so I kept driving and couldn't find anyone else so I called Tara whos also my friend of my ex and I asked if I could drop my little bro off with them and Tara said yes. so I drove back and found them and Dropped my brother off but My ex gave me like a weird look like she was happy to see me but then she acted pissed at the same time and kept walking to the next house trying to get her friends to keep going. But the next day on facebook I asked tara what my ex said and she said that my ex said I was dumb that I called tara and everything and I was like okay and also before this like a week or so I asked my ex if she still liked me and everything and she said no. Then why she didn't any more and she couldn't seem to find a reason and she's like I just don't like you anymore that's all you need to know. That should be enough reason. so I'm like okay but why would she be pissed that I called Tara my friend and her friend I mean am I suposed to call my ex that doesn't like me anymore and who doesn't care to talk to me? I Deleted her phone number because it just makes me sad when I go threw my phone and her name pops up and I also know she doesn't want anything to do with me at all witch is what she said and she never told me I did anything wrong so I'm so confused I don't know what I did wrong also why would she be so mad I was talking to tara just to drop off my bro and look happy when I'm there then pissed all a sudden and starts walking away like I was no one and not even talk to me :(


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  • Sounds like you're still holding on. She's an ex, quit worrying about her. If she wants to play mind games, let her. Don't concern yourself with all that stuff. Who cares why she was mad? Sounds like the usual mind game- someone acts like nothing is wrong so that you'll hopefully ask. So I'll say it again: Quit worrying about her.


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