Should I give up or give him more time?

I met this guy in one of dating apps, i don't feel we were really have problem each other.
I like the way he deal with my ego, perspective,&life. We both enjoyed to deal with each other condition. But one point, he told me that he wasn't really sure about his parents. At the first he was really sure to respect me and keep the virginity also no sex before marriage. Actually i don't know why i give it to him that day. I don't know what i was thinking that day. Yeah of course after that we done it again and again because we were blind.
But it was stupid of mine who not really taking it seriously, and just give my virginity to him after 3 months dating or maybe also because of fortune teller's word.
(After one month dating him, my mom take to fortune teller, and she said i'll find my right person at 23 but i must married in next 5 or 3 years for prevent the divorce, and it's just several months again i'll turned 23). So, here we go.
this is about his mom want me to change my religion become same with him.
At the first time he was really tried to talk with his mom about my condition, how hard this condition to me. I told them that i need long time to change my religion.

After several talk and reveal new fact, his mom told him the real problem is the difference of race and religion that my step father had with his family and mine. They think it was ashamed for them to have daughter in law like mine, because my step father. Actually i don't really like the way his parents think about race and religion. They really proud with their religion and race. Although their religion teach about giving respect and love for human being, but they not really done it as long as i've seen. But my boyfriend not same with them & still trying to talk with them. In other side my parents still don't know the real problem, but they told me that they don't like his attitude. They felt that he doesn't act like the real man. Help me please 🙇
Should I give up or give him more time?
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