Do you plan to let yourself go once you get married?

After two people find each other, they get married. Girls have a bad rep for not trying to look sexy or keep in shape anymore after marriage. Some woman also quit working to be "stay at home moms"and never find a way back to work. Then some girls also stop having sex. Guys get a bad rep for stopping working out, not grooming as well, and not trying to be successful at work anymore. Guys also stop being romantic or trying hard to win the girl over or show that he adores her.

What are some other ways that people "let themselves go" when they get married?

Also, let's keep this anonymous, but post if you are pretty much planning on letting yourself go when you get married!

Why work hard anymore to find love/affection when you have already found the love of your life, RIGHT?

  • I am a guy and I plan to let myself go when I get married! I plan to catch up on TV and sports since I am not spending so much time dating anymore! She loves me already!
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  • I am a guy and I plan to continuously show my love, adoration and keep in shape! I am going to try and get that new promotion also!
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  • I am a girl, I got married and have a man. I do not plan to work hard to look sexy or dress sexy because I have a man already. Its done, and it is time for me to relax and coast!
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  • I am a girl and plan to look sexy until the day I die to show my man that I love and cherish him. I know he loves me for who I am, but I want him to desire me sexually forever! Keeping my man happy is my first priority!
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These polls are really NOT reflecting that of the current married population so far...

Or maybe NOBODY actually plans to eventually let themselves go?

If my wife lets herself go in regards to her beauty and overall body attractiveness, am I allowed to quit my job and stop supporting the family all of a sudden?


Most Helpful Girl

  • No! I will not let myself go! I think its harder to keep a husband than a boyfriend


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What Girls Said 5

  • I don't plan to let myself go, when I get married and have a family I plan to be a stay at home mommy but I also plan to look good not just for my man but for my kids. Plans don't always work either I know there will be days were I'm too tired to get myself ready because children keep you busy and I expect my hubby to understand that.

  • im not married I don't think I would leave my job to be a stay at mom but I am known to not to take care of myself when I'm in a relationship for some reason! when I'm single I feel like I have more time to think for myself and take care of myself but I plan to break that cycle because men always want to find a reason to cheat. other than that I don't think I would stop having sex as long as he was up for it and willing to go all the way so would I ;)

    • yay, an honest girl!

      I think I love you!

      just playing...


  • VERY interesting question!

    Yes I am married. Been married almost a year now. And no, I don't think I will stop being interested in my husband and things like that. We do plan to visit he whole world or as much as we can together. We do plan to some day buy a house together and retire together (we are both the same age, he is a few days younger than me).

    I am in pretty OK shape, I'm 120 and 5'3 and always have been this way since I was like 16 so there is no change there. He is super skinny at 5'9 and 130, and he works out every single day and runs about 30-40 miles every week. I take long walks and bike rides, I can't run much because I will go out of breath. I will not let my husband dress "bad" or let him not groom. If he doesn't brush his teeth I will tell him to go and do it, if he doesn't shower I will tell him to do it. He wants to smell good for me anyways. He is super successful, and he has a great job =). He still tries some what to surprise me with my favorite chocolate or go on walks with me. Ofcourse if I really want us to have a romantic dinner or something we would have (at home) steak dinner/mashed potatoes/steam veggies, along with wine and some great music (romantic classical music) and then also some cheese cake! yum! and then me? I do work and I also volunteer around the community. I also want to go back to school to change my career. Why work hard when you have found the love of your life? Because we are who we are, we are hard working people! We are the type that likes that kind of stuff (traveling, taking walks, eating good meals). That's just who we are and it isn't working hard because it is just what it is, it's who we are... we like it and we do what we like to do. It is two people who like each other coming together to really just do what they like with one another. And if he really loves me and I really love him why not continue to do loving things like surprises and showing affection? Why not continue to shower one another with love since we loved to do it so much we probably will continue to do it.

  • I think one way to predict how a girl will age is if you look at her own mom. My mom looks great for her age. She's a size 8 (which is smaller than a lot of my 20 something friends and she's 50). She still does her hair nice, wears perfume, dresses trendy, etc.

    I think that this works because someone's mom has similar genes as well as she probably raised them with healthy habits. I have a good metabolism, eat healthy, work out, dress nice... just like my mom. So I'm pretty confident I'll look good at her age too.

  • I do not plan on letting myself go. In my profession, nursing, you can pretty much go on any hospital floor and see so many overweight and obese nurses. This is horrifying to me!

    I've always been athletic, and grew up doing gymnastics and competiting. As I got older I got into running, and now triathlons. My boyfriend and I do them together to stay fit together! And although I am not as small as I was before a long term relationship, I am still around 120lbs and physical fitness and nutrition will always be important. I want to be a yummy mommy!

    Other ways people "let themselves go": they stop shaving, legs and bikini (for girls)!


What Guys Said 2

  • Not only will I not let myself go I will also keep up the romance like buying her flowers occasionally or chocolates and going on vacations to new places. The reason so many marriages fail is people let themselves go, the romance stops, and then the boredom and bickering set in.

  • As much as I can't predict these things, if I were to get married I wouldn't stop going to the gym and taking care of myself. I don't want to feel old, nor look it so I'd take care of myself as much as I could.

    Also, I would feel trapped if my marriage became dull and boring so I'd try to keep spicing it up and doing what I want to do, rather than what's expected of me to do.


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