Think she is cheating?

So my girlfriend lives at her moms apartment. Its a pretty far drive for me to head over there sometimes so some days I don't see her because of my work schedule. Anyways she has said a couple things bout this neighbor guy that lives downstairs how he calls her beautiful whenever he sees her and some other crap. Anyways I called yesterday just to talk to her ya know. And Her mom answers the phone this is the conversation we had.

Me: Is ___ there?

Her Mom: No she is in her grandmas room talking to her I'll have her call you when she is done.

Me: OK thanks bye

After I got off the phone I decided I would go over and surprise her. I got there 30 min after the phone call. I went over there and her mom was sitting on the steps and said ____ isn't here she went to the hospital with her sister because her baby has an ear infection. So I just said OK and left. Then I called this morning to see how she was doing and her little brother said she wasn't there but he's 3 so I don't know if I should be worried or not. I've confronted her about it and she swears up and down she isn't cheating. I just have this gut feeling that something ain't right here


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  • if it's just this guy saying random crap but nothing is going on then it doesn't necessarily mean he's cheating.

    maybe it's because of the distance thing that's hard.

    I guess for now, we aren't sure if she is cheating or not. Don't call her on it cause right now there isn't evidence, it could be that she really is busy.

    talk to her about this and see if she can make time for you and her.


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