Is my girl really cheating on me, or am I paranoid?

"before I start my girl has a 2 year old with another guy who she is no longer with but stays at his house on the weekends so he can his daughter" so I started hanging out with this girl back in rebuary, everything was great for the first month we were haven fun even had our first kiss. then out of no where this guy shows up "she says its her best friend of 5 years who is like her brother" and now hangs with us every time me and her are together. and every time me and her are alone for like 2 minutes he comes and finds us. on the 4th of july me and her were by the grill making food and I was holding her and wispering sweet stuff into her ear and she was doing the same. and he comes to the back door looks at us we look at him he gets really raged and takes off and peels out in my driveway. "she said she's done bing friends with him" 15 minutes later he texts her and she leaves for like 20 minutes and she comes back and says everything is fine now. but days that me and her are alone together she's constently txting him but when she's hanging out with me she completely ignores me for 2-4 hours. I'm in love with her and she says she's in love with me. but last week her phone broke so she was without a phone for 5 days and not 1 of those days did she text or call me or anything and for those 5 days I was freaking out I didn't know her phone broke I honestly thought she was in the hospital. and yesterday she gets a new phone and I text her and she explained things saying her phone broke she's been at the baby's dad's house cause she had to work and his house is closer. and when I ask to see her, she brings up not haven gas and I said I would get money for gas for her, and she goes on to say well I'm at "baby's dad house relaxing and don't want to drive" so today I try to see her and I get money for gas for her and she says she's just gunna stay home and relax so I'm out near my friends house and I see this "bestfriend/brother" driving his truck and she was in it. I texted her and said I see you, and she's like where. I said with ****** driving around in the truck. she says yep and that's the last text I got from her from "2:45pm-7:23" and she says they will stop by and say hi and have a smoke and bs for 10 minutes then leave. "i also accused her and confronted her about her doing stuff with him and she gets all defensive and gets mad turns her phone off and ignores me" so is she really in love with me or is she not and cheating on me? I try to be with her and be perfect for her and see her as much as I can "my drs say I'm dying 2-3 weeks left" and she gets mad at me and doesn't want to see me even when I get money for gas for her to drive. can someone please explain. I don't want 1 person to reply saying she is or isnt. I would like multiple peoples opinion with a explanation. please help. she's the first girl I fell in love with and she's the only one to make me feel special she's seriously my 1 and only true love. she's also the only one I fight to be with.
thx tpope for your opinion can I get a couple more opinions on this
she had a boyfriend the whole time and also had a second one. wow I got played like a fool. but imo its hurt loss because I was always there and she was unaware just rapped up in her best friend and grabbing his ass


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  • i think she is cheating on you. she says she is in love with you but doesn't want to spend time with you, that doesn't make sense. she gets all mad and defensive when you accuse her but she should be trying to reassure and be with you if she's not cheating. you're really trying to be with her and look at how she treats. I don't think she is in love with you. you fell really hard for this girl, I'm not saying every realtionship is perfect but you're giving 100% and she's not even giving you 50%. I don't know how you can trust her because she gives you no reason too. I think this is bad situation and you're just hurting yourself. if she makes you happy that's great but she she's treating you like crap and you let her. if she loved you then she would be doing a lot to be with you but she's not. I don't know what to say but you're relationship isn't working, you're are the only one trying, that's not right. I think talk to her about everything, establish your relationship. if she loves you than she needs to prove it. this isn't your battle to fix, its hers. she needs to make a choice not you. you're hurting yourself trying to fix something that's not your fault. you can keep trying but you've proved yourself time and time again now its her turn. good luck. hope I helped.

    • +1. If anyone says otherwise to defend the chick here. Disregard it. As they have pulled the same sh*t themselves.

    • Same thing happened to me... I was the only one trying... she stopped talking to me as much. BOOM, 2 days later she has a boyfriend... I was like seriously? I would of her rather told me she wasn't into me anymore than find out she went on a date with some random guy and then the next day they were dating...

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  • she's cheating on you and playing you for a fool.

    she stays at his house on the weekends so he can see his daughter. they are f***ing on the weekends. you really don't think he can see his daughter without her staying at his house? come on.

  • Never accept this behavior from someone. There is no good reason for someone who cares about you to treat you this way, as you have found out.


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