Would you forgive a cheater?

If you were cheated on by your significant other (be it your Girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife), Would you forgive them?

After they decided to have sex with someone else for whatever reason; If they flirted with another person; If they confided in the opposite sex (or in some cases same) in a way that they should you, Will you forgive them?

Personally, I forgave once... It was about 17 years ago, I was 15 and my then girlfriend cheated on me. I forgave her, only for me to catch her again making out with some other guy. Her sorry ass excuse is that I did not kiss her unless we were in a private setting and she wanted me to kiss her in a public setting. I don't agree with public displays of affection; quite frankly, it disgusts me. I broke it off, and vowed to never cheat on anyone, and to never forgive ANYONE who cheat on me.

I keep that mentality even today. I was cheated on three times after that situation, and I did not give a second chance to any of them. No matter how much they begged... How much they plead... No matter how many times they claimed they would never do it again... I did not forgive.

Would you forgive betrayal at the hands of your significant other?

I would prefer explanatory answers.
I would not give the bitch/bastard a second chance!
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I would only give them one chance... If they cheat again, It is over.
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I would forgive them, even if they cheated on me again, and even then, I will forgive them
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I would, because the most likely reason s/he cheated, was out of retaliation of my cheating...
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For future reference:

To forgive IS to take them back! Not taking them back is to not forgive.

How can you forgive if there is no action besides words. Without actions, it is implied you do not forgive.
Would you forgive a cheater?
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