I start seeing a guy, things go well ,then they seem to leave..I don't want this to happen again..

I'm not sure what I do wrong..

but things seem to run perfect with guys and then they end up leaving,it's either because I have health problems and they don't want someone like that,they realize they don't have feelings for me anymore,or they're a playa. Or..it's just me. I feel like it's just me.I keep analyzing the situation I'm in at the moment..I'm seeing this guy whom I really like and I don't want to stuff it up..I don't do anything major to get a guy to run off..

I just feel like it's me..and feel like I'm just a flaw..and feel like people don't want to look past them :/..I don't want the same thing to happen with this guy.

I don't know is there things I should not do..while seeing this guy.What makes you want to just get up and leave and not want to see the girl again?I feel like there is somethings that I need to change about myself..


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  • What kind of health problems are suffering from? Anyway, I think your self esteem has taken hit over the years. But you need to be confident with yourself to be attractive to guys. If you make sure that you are happy with yourself and be confident in your relationship, it will help you keep your man.

  • What kind of health problems do you have? That may have something to do with it.

    Personally, if a girls leaves me without giving a reason, then hell with her. She doesn't have the nerve to give me a reason then we weren't compatible to begin with. I want a girl who's going to give it to me straight. Though something I can figure out, like the fact that I fart thunderously in my sleep, I'd at least like an answer to her departure.


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