Why won't he get the hint?

well my ex boyfriend likes me AGAIN ; I have a boy friend and he is trying to break us up and I don't know what too do !


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  • Edeen... why did GAG police take down your topic on "tell me honesty about myself"?

    • i don't know Darling ; do you need to know something about me ? :D

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    • this is interesting...i don't know how to mail while remaining anonymous...my true identity might scare you

    • pfft nothing will scare me just do it :)

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  • well it all depends on how long of feelings you have for the 2. can you give me a explanation on how he became your ex?

    • he became my ex because he cheated on me and call me a slut so I dumped him because I had other things going on in my life and I didn't need that sh*t :/

  • Block him out of your life.

    • pretty hard too do that and he goes to my school and my parents know his parents and sh*t :/

    • Ignore him then. No one said you have to talk to him.

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  • look hunny if there's a possiblity that you also want something with your ex, think it twice and don't play with you boyfriends heart! he hasn't done wrong to you why shoud yu do that to him? anyways if you don't want anything with him just be honest about it, tell him your happy with your new relationship whether he likes it or not, there's a reason he's your ex and not still your boyfriend...either he respects you and your boyfriend and leave you guys at one peace or be the big girl you are and ignore and block his butt from your life especially your relationship. yu never done him wrong either or broke up with him for another guy, why do it to another guy? it's not right. good luck and hope I helped

    • i don't want anything too do with him ; I have told him this so many times and he still doesn't get the hint

    • i hate to say it but get your boyfriend into this and let him handle it or decide what to do. as for me id kick that little kids butt

    • my boyfriend kicked his ass because he is like being a stalker LOL

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