Should I be patient and see what happens or just let it go?

Long story short, he knows I like him. We fucked, he told me not to get attached. Well I obviously got attached too him even more when we fucked. He then started to call me to let me know what was going on with his life. Blah blah, he separated and distance himself towards me after what I sent him. I told him to leave me alone, said some other stuff. He blocked me and then I apologized and he unblocked me. We don’t text like before. But anyways.
Haven’t seen the guy for a eeek.

So today when I saw him. He will walk by me and poke me, or smile. Ask questions, showed me his new tattoo.! Will gesture me the “I see you sign”. Be playful like a little kid.
As I was leaving he like pinched me, and then smiled like crazy when I turned around and me going forward towards him to pinch him back.
And then he smiled and laughed.
You onow when a kid/child is all over the place. That is how he was with me this morning? Why would he act like that towards me?

I also think and take in consideration that he’s older than me. He has been through a divorce about 8-10 years ago. The 2nd time he was going to marry, it didn’t happen because he was Christian and she was Mormon. And he loved that girl. I think about those factors.

When I will text him and he doesn’t text me back. I have asked if him he wants me to leave him alone tha he should tell me but he will just tell me “not to worry about it”.
Or if I feel like I bother him I will say “sorry for bothering you” and he will reply with “you didn’t”.
I love this boy.
Should I be patient and see what happens or just let it go?
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