Am I trying to hard?

So I just broke up with my girlfriend, well she broke up with me telling me that she wanted to be free at this point in her life and that she didn't want to be "chained down" in a relationship

She told me a day after breaking up that she wants us to improve ourselves and start anew in one year she said I would like to talk as much as before and still be friends over that year though. So I've been trying to talk as much as we did before a bit less but she keeps ignoring my texts and responding with short on word answers when she does respond the subject of the texts is never about us it's normally I whole different topic, I also told her that not to worry that I'll still be there for if she ever needed me

Our relationship was good I loved her more then I loved myself which is something that's hard to achieve that I think was one sided she loved me but not as much as I loved her and I want to know am I trying to hard? I still love this women with all my heart but I feel as if I'm being taken for granted or maybe im trying to much let me know what you think.
Am I trying to hard?
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