Will he show up?

My boyfriend (of two and a half years) broke up with me on Monday because our relationship had a few lies in it from him and they were finally out in the open and we were arguing more, and he felt he didn't have space to do other things. I spent the week reflecting on it and contacted him last night. (Which was hard because he blocked me on everything). Long conversation short, I explained to him that there's still a way to get back together and that's if he shows up at my door today (he lives 90 minutes away but the travel was never an issue before). Before we could properly talk I had to leave and he said: "You'll have your answer if I show up tomorrow". That sent my hopes up, and now I'm almost literally waiting by the front door, but I don't know if that's realistic because he never gave a definite answer, and I'm still blocked on almost everything.

I really want him to come and try again, but I'm worried I'm getting my hopes up too much.
1 y
He didn't. I phones him to ask and he was horrible, so he's near enough dead to me - which is horrible to say but just thought I'd update. So I'm hurt and angry and my heart is broken. Now I just gotta work on me.
Will he show up?
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