My girlfriend broke up with me and said we will be friends but can't even face me right now?

So at the beginning she said she was afraid something would happen and she would lose me both as a boyfriend and as a friend. I promised her we would still be friends if that ever happened.

We broke up because she's going to college and really stressed out. She throws up just o feel better told me she needed time to find herself and be mature for a relationship. Said she still loved me and we both cried a lot. promised that if we were still single and both found ourselves we could work Into getting back together. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and hugged it out.
We were suppose to go to anime expo together 2 days later but she text saying it didn't feel right to talk to me right now and that she can't face me.

I told her I understood but it really hurt cause I still wanted us to go as friends. Said I can give her my pass if she wanted to go with her friend. She said I should at least go to distract myself and so I went. Near the end of the first day I got a text from her saying I know that this is awkward but I hope you had fun and I assume you're going on all 4 days. I told her it wasn't awkward and that I might not come back because it's really broing alone. She asked for my pass which I understood but i told her I was uncomfortable talking about anime expo. said to her ill see what i can do and get back to her. she was sorry for making it awkward and I said no worries.
I text later saying I needed space because I was harming and blaming myself for what happened between us. I told her I was sorry for causing her harm. She got back with, oh I guess that means no for the pass I'll just tell my friend u said u wanted to keep it. That really hurt.. later her friend texted me asking if she could get the pass for some $. I guessing she told her friend I didn't want to go but keeping the pass regardless. Hurts to see her so fine with going with a friend when we planned this a month ago. Does she want my pass or just need a friend?
My girlfriend broke up with me and said we will be friends but can't even face me right now?
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