What is moving on? advice please

I feel like my emotions are going in circles, but I cut off contact with my ex.

I am not seeing anyone because I haven't met anyone.

What does moving on mean to you? do you still hurt?

How did it take you to get over your First ex?


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  • I think moving on, is excepting the fact that your relationship is over. It hurts like hell! Its a nagging pain that feels like its never gonna end, it just eats at you endlessly. Your emotions are crazy..your sad, mad, angry, confused, helpless, sometimes happy (depending on how it ended..) BUT.. time does heal.There's nothing I can say that is going to make you feel better, its just something people have to go through and learn from.

    I was with my first for almost 6 years. It ended badly...I didn't want it to end, but now that I look back it was best it ended. I thought I was going to be with him forever, but I lost sight of who I was trying to make him happy, which made ME unhappy. I learned a lot about myself while healing. It took me a long time to get back to myself...About a full year..before I could start talking to other guys & about a year & a half to fully feel like I was healed. Its a long & tough process trying to get over someone you love.

    Just know in time you WILL feel better, you will move on, and you will most likely love again. Just learn from the past. Keep your head up & take this time to take care of YOU...do things you like to do, improve you & feel good again! Best Wishes Girl..Hang in there!

  • moving on is an emotional thing, not just a physical thing. as in just deleting him from your phone and fb doesn't mean you've moved on. to truly move on, you need to stop caring and stop thinking about him

    • Wow, I never thought that people that stop contact with someone isn't moving on. Deleting them from your phone or FB doesn't mean you've move on.

      I get were you are coming from with the emotional part...but both physical and emotional part can be argued.

      Because you can still have certain emotions for the ex if you move on.

      Physical is you do not necessarily move on if you stop contact but its a start...lol

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