Ex boyfriend may/may not have taken his own life?

So I (23, f) have gone through a messy break up with my boyfriend (m, 26) of 2 and a half years, 2 weeks ago. He battled with mental health for a long time before he knew me and was getting better but was assaulted and mugged which happened coming up to two years ago then as a result, it set every previous issue off again. Well, we bought a house together in March and living together was incredibly difficult; with his mental health, all he wanted to do in the evenings was play video games and sloth around whilst most of the housework and cooking was left to me to do. I was exhausted and I spend all day on my feet where he sat at a desk; there was no give and take. Anyway, we argued very regularly and it was usually as a result of me saying I wanted him to do more around the house. He was forever shouting at me and thrashing around but 2 weeks ago, he completely lost it. He smashed two washing baskets to pieces, glass, a mug, the tv remote, the wardrobe doors, dented all the doors, unsecured the banister, at the top of the stairs, kicked a door I was sat against until I couldn't hold it back any more and then attempted to drown himself before I pulled his face from the water. He was psychotic but the worst he's ever been. He had been this way before to the point I'd had to hit him to make him stop out of fear but not to that level. I have told him for two weeks that I want the house sold and he refuses completely. Well last night, he sent me a goodbye message at half 2 saying he'd hit rock bottom and this was the only way out. He's had no online activity since and I feel sick to my stomach thinking he's taken his life because of me. Is it all my fault because I'm starting to feel like it is and he's trying to ruin my life even now... He's turned his parents against me but yet they didn't help his mental health issues. I'm completely at a loss here and need advice.
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So found out that he is not in fact dead but has 'hidden' when he was last on whatsapp which means he is still alive and has been on there to change the setting. Thanks for the support, guys!
Ex boyfriend may/may not have taken his own life?
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