My boyfriend just accused me of cheating on him when I'm not. What should I do?

My boyfriend just accused me of cheating on him with another guy.

The reason being that I told him was talking to a guy friend on MSN, so he started implying all this stuff which I assumed he was joking as you would. So I sarcastically went "of course" and now he is saying that I am cheating on him.

I don't know what to do as it would be clear to any one I was being sarcastic because I was so bazaar to come out and say it!

What do I do people, because he may not trust me and also most of my friends are guys as I get on with guys better anyway, so what's he going to do stop me from seeing all my friends and I can trust that's not going to happen. So people what do I do, I've been dating him 7 months coming up to 8!

Please help me/us!


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  • Let him see the conversation, show him you have nothing to hide. Beyond that if he doesn't trust you that's his issue, not yours and sadly, you can' t make him trust, if there is no trust there really can't be a relationship. Has he had trust issues in the past? Have other girls hurt and lied to him?


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