Did he love her the whole time?

So long story sort, me and my boyfriend broke up. The reason behind the breakup was because my dad put a restraining order on him. ( yes i know, very over the top and the reasons behind it are not important)

Anyway, I recently learned that he is back with the girl he was seeing before me. They did have a very long relationship of two years before I entered the picture but from what he told me he wasn't happy for the majority of it. He said that she cheated on him multiple times, she never paid enough attention to him, and she just made him miserable.

I understand that when people are hurt they say ugly things, but when someone hurts you that bad dont see why he would want to go back... i was heartbroken when i found out... it just makes me think that the whole time he was telling me that he loved me, he was thinking of her... im starting to think that all of it was a lie... that maybe i was just a distraction for him... what do you guys think? Have you ever had this happen? Or maybe been on his side of things?
Did he love her the whole time?
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