What to do about crazy exes?

I have been dating this most perfect girl for the past 3 months now. We have fallen pretty hard for each other and have even talked about moving in together in a couple months if things are still going well. She has this crazy ex boyfriend that she broke up with over 4 months ago. From what she tells me it was a very unhealthy relationship in which she spent most of her time trying to figure the best way out without him going mental. Either way he is being creep and more or less indirectly trying to manipulate her. He is a very passive aggressive person. I am unsure of my involvement with this. I told her that it is none of my business and that if she ever feels that she can't handle it I am here for her and can step in. Is this OK or what else should I do? I hate the fact this loser ex can't move on. He is a legit creeper and might have some issues. Any advice?


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  • ive been through this same situation man. trust me. just back off for now. if she can't do it then help her. and tell the dude to back off because she's yours now. tell him she won't go back to him ever and tell him to eff off. that's the best thing to do. as in my case. the guy effed off!


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