He's not doing okay, should I just let him be?

So me and a guy broke up because it was all just bad timing, but we decided to stay friends. We fought a couple times, but we figured everything out. He called me one night last week and we talked for awhile, then he texted me on Sunday and we talked until almost three in the morning. He's very depressed and not doing very well, and I haven't talked to him since exactly a week ago. I looked at his facebook (I'm not friends with him on there, so I can't really bring that up...) and all of his statuses show how not okay he is. I don't know why he hasn't tried to talk to me all week, but should I text him? I'm not sure how to go about that without sounding like I want him back or something...I just want to make sure he's doing okay! Advice?


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  • I wouldn't contact him unless he does first. He is heartbroken and maybe trying NC to move on. Wait and see if he contacts you. Chances are he will. It's too early to know if the NC is to move on or to win you back.

    His head is probably all over the place and what you you do at the moment can be easily misread. If you text him it may be because you worry about him and care about his feelings but this can so easily be misread (in his eyes) that you miss him and want him back. Truth is you can be friends again but not straight away. You both need space to work through your feelings and stop the dependancy that you have for each other. If you don't he won't have time to move on and it will cause problems in the future (if you are not a couple).

    I'm not saying you have to do NC completely if you don't want to. But don't be the first to contact him. You may think you are being considerate but from a guys perspective if you really don't want to get back together I don't want your sympathy. If he does get in touch then you should tell him you want to be friends and will be their for him but suggest that you take some time apart for both of you to work through your feelings.


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  • Be there for him. He'll really appreciate it. Trust me.


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