I don't know if I want him back?

Firstly, I got robbed(they stole over 1000$) and got dumped (from a 4 year relationship) in the same week. Literally, days apart so I'm not doing too well right now.

It was a very easy and smooth breakup. We both talked and felt our problems were heard. However, I didn't think a break up was the best course of action. We could have worked everything out. He said he couldn't take all the drama. I couldn't take his stonewalling. I do still love him dearly. I am trying my best to let him go but it isn't easy. We were very compatible and had so much fun together. We have 4 years of wonderful memories. He was my first love. My problem is that I don't know if I want him back or not.


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  • Sorry to hear that.

    If you aren't sure whether you want him back or not... then you must not really want him. Otherwise, you wouldn't even need to think about it!


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