My girlfriend left me, and I have no idea why, my heart is crushed?

I have been with my ex girlfriend for just over 4 years.

-we have a 3 old boy together

-Things haven't been so easy for us since we had our little one. We never had a chance to be on our own, we have always lived with her parents.

-I messed up along the way and thought I wanted to be young instead of be with her. Awe broke up for about 2 months fall of 2008.

-We got back together and have had bumps here and there with each other, but have always felt strong enough to work through our problems...

-We finally moved out on our own after my career took off and she got into dental school. When I thought things were finally going great for us and I was ready to marry her, she broke it off saying she was unhappy and couldn't let go of our past mistakes...She said that she doesn't feel special to me and that all I care about is going to the gym and cleaning our positions? she doesn't have another guy (that I know of) and I don't know how she is going to get by financially...I just don't understand where this has come from so strongly...I am so in love with her, and we have a family together...I am completely torn. help


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  • Oh dear. I feel for you, hon. You need to give her time. Honestly, I don't know what's going through her mind but she needs time I reckon. You want her back right?

    After some time, you need to talk to her. I think you need to sit down and have a heartfelt chat. Is there anything about you that needs to change? Ask her! You need to be willing to compromise. It seems worth it, especially for your son. You need to think about him and if your relationship seems worth salvaging, do it! Xx

    • These are all things I have said! So maybe she does just need time...i just don't see how its worth it to end something, especially when our son deserves a just doesn't seem fair at all...My heart hurts so bad for my son. He deserves his family to be complete

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    • Thank you, I almost believed that there really wasn't anybody left on earth with a heart...You have one of the biggest

    • Thank you. I feel the same about you. I'm sure you answered one of my questions brilliantly and the other answers seemed too short or not serious or uncaring. My hearts broken too - I feel for you. It's times like these when we need advice and someone to talk to x

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  • The best thing for you to do right now is give her space and let her miss you. She probably doesn't realize how much she is going to miss you without you being there for her all of the time. Some people are so naive to do this, I've seen my friends do it and regret it.

    If you give her space, and don't keep contacting her... she should hopefully see that she has made a mistake. In the meantime you need to focus on yourself, and healing (in case she doesn't come back to you)

    Good luck

  • Startes you guys have a son together, so she can't escape from your life completely. Maybe you need to make a few changes. You need to make a choice of what and who comes first. If you really love her you need to prove to her you do and you need to put her and your son first. If you love her that much don't let her fade away. Make a few changes, tell her your willing to put her first and tell her that your son needs us both

    • We have talked about alllll the reasons why she is choosing to do this...I came to her wanting to explain how I've been selfish lately...I was working out a lot and spending time on things that interested me...she got put on the back burner and I really didn't mean to treat her that way. I felt like I was in a rut. I quickyl realized the way I was acting and didn't need more in my life. I had my family and we have everything we need. She said it was just too late

    • Well I guess that is it then. Just don't let your son see the pain cause he is only young. As for u, give her some space and she may come around if not well best to move on

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