What are reasons men talk to their exes?

My long-distance ex of only a few months recently broke up with me but has texted me a few times to wish me well with a job and on holidays. He also used to respond to my texts very kindly and seemed to want to keep me in his life. We finally fought and he seemed to disappear and then sent me another neutral text! I don't understand why he's keeping me in his life minimally when it has nothing to do with flirting/sex/relationship/etc. He's not getting anything out of it!

Guys, why do you talk to your exes?! If it's not for a booty call, why else would you? Is there such a thing as just being nice and caring?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well you don't just stop caring about someone once you've split up. He may not want a relationship but still cares about you and how your doing. If the split was amicable then he may want to remain friends. Or he may still have feelings for you but is not sure how you feel hence why his texts are not flirty or about sex/relationships. I really wanted an ex back once but was a little wary about becoming involved as I didn't want to get hurt again. So I took it slowly just remaining friendly to work out if I really wanted a relationship with her again or not.

    If it's bothering you then either ignore his texts and he'll get the message or ask what his intentions are.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well my ex of a year ago still talks to me...cos well we weren't just lovers...we were friends. Why lose a good friendship if you don't have to? Even if you don't stay close, it's nice to know that you wish each other well and that there's good feeling there.


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