HELP my friend chat disappeared!

where the hell did it go? (I'm talking about that thing that's at the bottom right corner of the screen where you can chat with your friends... how do I get that back?)


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  • click the up arrow in the bottom right corner

    • doesnt exist.

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    • delete cookies? wtf I don't know how to do that sh*t. I have a mac. my computer is solid it's got an insane amount of hardrive which I have barely even touched

    • nothing to do with computer and hard drive.. it's your browser.

      are you using ie/firefox/safari?

      im assuming safari since you're using a mac. whatever the case, find your browser and delete cookies like so:


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  • Log off and log back in or contact the admin

    • did that. and how do I contact the admin?

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    • that'll take to long I want it nowwwww... hahaha I come from a society of instant gratification. there has to be someone who knows how to do this.

    • Sorry hun:)

      That is all I know.

      Good luck though

  • Try closing your internet browser and re-opening it.

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