Hard for me to strike up a conversation. Caught in a rut, can anyone help me get out?

. I am really shy about just going up to a guy and talking to them. I don't know its just hard for me to strike up a conversation. I'm a really open girl I'm just quiet. anyways I've had a couple of boyfriends and its always the same I either get a guy whose a really good talker and then I end up cheated on or abused or I get a guy whose never had a girlfriend before. I don't mean like just inexperienced I mean never held a hand b4 or had a kiss...and I'm a senior. I'm the really innocent one who no one believes would ever get mad about anything or cuss or do any of that. I not saying I want to be give up all my morals but I don't know how to get out of my rut of just being shy and keep attracting . I think I scare most guys off because they realize how innocent I am


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  • Well take a chance and know if you don't make one you will regret it


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