When I finally catch them from the chase, I don't want the guy anymore. Why do I get like this?

I've noticed in the past when I would date guys,when I finally catch them from the 'chase',I don't want the guy anymore.Though I was fifteen when the feeling began,I am now 17 and have an amazing boyfriend except I've been feeling off.As if I don't want to date him,when he touches me (subtly grabbing my legs,etc) it loses spark.I can't help but be uninterested now when I'm with him.But when I'm alone,I want to be with him.This has been the best relationship I've been in and feel very content but is this feeling just a phase?


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  • Hey sweetie,

    Its completely normal for the thrill of the chase to wane. Its human nature to want what we can't have, and it is a lot more exciting when you aren't sure if he's yours or not. Remember that everything new eventually becomes old, and its impossible to maintain the 'butterfly' stage of a relationship forever, the max I've ever heard was about 60 days, since you are actually high from hormones and chemicals your body releases during this stage that make you euphoric. Some people live their entire lives single, because they get addicted to this natural rush of meeting, pursuing, and having the person they want, then they just move on to the next. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps you and your boyfriend have just been spending a little too much time together and some time apart for your own me-times will make you feel different.


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  • lol I've felt that way before

    Like you want him when he's not there but when he is you just get annoyed... Don't let this get in the way otherwise you'll basically end the relationship while coming off as an undeserving bitch

    Trust me


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