What’s going on here?

So I was with this girl for around 5 months and we were each other’s first loves or serious partner. We went to the same college but I was in the process of transferring to a different state to pursue my dreams and she obviously had an issue with that. She had a best guy friend that she’d workout, drink with, etc. At the beginning I was very secure but I’m sensitive and started picking up on things and calling her out on things because I didn’t know how to handle that. We had a few arguments over stuff but the last argument got to the point where she was at a “party” because she changed her mind on hanging out and I got mad and yelled and she yelled hung up, drove to my place and “dumped” me. I had severe separation anxiety for two days and called her forgiving her and also apologizing for acting like a woman and not being a man about things. We went out to eat and I can tell she wasn’t super engaged with talking she took me back to her place and we had sex and she wanted to be fwbs but I told her I want to the relationship work and she left things vague. As soon as it was clear we weren’t in a relationship (even though she’d say I love you and stuff) I told her we should stop talking. We stopped and I went through months of growing up and working on myself. I’m moving and I know I can attract someone better. I told my sister to use my phone to block her so I don’t see it on IG. An alternate account with her on it started stalking ALL of my IG stories. My friend said that’s the guy she said she’s just “friends” with.

I just want someone to kinda reassure me. I don’t wish anything bad on her but I can tell she wants to crush me. It’s sad. I’ve been making music and I’m thinking about making a song on this whole thing.
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Just in case it wasn’t clear she’s dating the dude she said “was just a friend” “I’m not even attracted to his type” “I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you” “he’s a really dumb guy, does stupid things”

Just to be clear.
What’s going on here?
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