Should I stay Or should I go?

Okay so, I have been with this girl for over a year and it's kinda been an up and down relationship. The problem is that she always causes an argument over the smallest things... every time... We will argue at least once or twice a week or even 3 times. But all this stupid argument is unnecessary and it's really depressing. She tells me she loves me but yet she does the complete opposite! This is really frustrating because I try to do as much as I can to make her happy and most of the time she throws it back in my face and then this puts me in a position where I don't want to do things for her anymore... She also starts every sentence with a lie which I hate the most because I never want to lie towards my sole mate. Never! And she's very immature, who's never takes responsibility for her actions, I mean she's 20, it about time you learn to grow up and be responsible yet she says she will try to be a more mature person but yet still carries on with her old usual self... I ask what should I do?
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Should I stay Or should I go?
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