Would it be best to move on?

When my relationship first started out it was amazing, now it's just boring and lonely. My boyfriend just changed immediately after a while. From nice and sweet to being kind of rude. Now he's busy all the time.
He doesn't contact me at all anymore. We never really hung out unless I had money, or was willing to have sex.
I could never be myself around him.
He wanted me to be a certain way do certain things.
I guess I just wanted him to be satisfied. If he was satisfied then I was fine. I wasn't comfortable I was always afraid of disappointing him. So I tried to change myself to fit to his standards.
We didn't really have much in common. Only the love of anime and video games.
I feel like just moving on.
I really only put up with it because not a lot of guys approach me. I don't really approach them either.
I'm just always quiet. I stay to myself.
It gets lonely so when someone notices me I get blinded for a while.

Would it be best to move on?
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