Tell if a file has a virus or not?

Is it possible to tell if a file has a virus in it by looking at the URL, HTML code, Forum code, or Embed? before downloading the file?


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  • Unless someone names a file "virus.exe" there is no way for you to know what is actually inside the file (even then it could be anything). Think about it from the perspective of someone making a virus, their goal is to infect your computer and that's not going to happen if you know the file is a virus.

    As a rule of thumb:

    - Install an anti-virus program (avg is a good free one)

    - Install an anti-spyware program (ad-aware is a good free one)

    - Do not download files from unknown sources (for example, random websites you come across)

    - Do not accept files via email if you're not expecting someone to send you something


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