I Love Him So BAD?

I met one month ago, we dated , had great affectionate, sex , short relationship. I knew I was happy around him and it keeps my heart beats fast when he held my hand and look to my eyes.
However, I break up and blocked him because he was not over to his past girlfriend, he is very confused between us and we keep on having sex after we met. I was afraid I was only being used for pressure.

its been 2 weeks after we Set apart. But I honesty missed him but I feel like he doesn't really Love me. But i am already so hurt and even cry most of the time because I geniunely Love him.

how I wish he would Come back to my life, give his only attention to me and the Love we deserved to have 😢
1 y
Not pressure... *pleasure
1 y
* he still keeps on talking and meeting his ex. And keep me on waiting..

Should I Go back to him or wait for him until he fully fix his mind?
I Love Him So BAD?
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