Guys, Worth saving or not?

My boyfriend got caught texting another woman. He had asked me to dinner and was being overly nice, I had never seen him look at me that way. We went home and made love but something didn't seem right. I found out about the texting after that when I checked the phone bill. His reasoning was that he was feeling the pressure of having to propose eith our 2 year anniversary coming next week and family and friends talking to him about it. We have had a few issues recently but he said he had been questioning if this was really what he wanted and he was trying to figure it out by texting this woman. He did end the texting with her before I found out but now I just feel betrayed and hurt. I dont understand his logic and dont know if I should trust how he really feels, or says he does. We have been living together for 2 years and have built a life with his kids and our financially tied together.
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He said that he loves me and knows I'm what he wants. He only text her that one day, but for six hours. It took 6 hours to figure out what he was doing was wrong.
What do I do?
Guys, Worth saving or not?
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