Boyfriend Drinking Everyday After Our Breakup?

Okay so basically this all happened so fast. (We are both 17 to keep in mind) . So, everything before and during the last time my ex and I hung out life was smooth and we had a lot of love going on and everything was okay. After that time, I noticed he was starting to distance himself. Okay so I thought to myself, "hes going through something I'll just give him space."

When I did we ended up not talking for a day. When he finally started talking, one thing lead to another and we ended it. His reasoning was because he is unhappy. He said, "It is undeniable that I am unhappy, but you are in no way the cause of my unhappiness and you did nothing wrong." So afterwords I was like, I understand and asked if we could still be friends and he said "we can try." Ever since that night he's been getting drunk in his room. He did that one other time when he was upset with himself. But he eventually un-added me from everything wherefore beforehand he used to watch my stories instantly. I heard from his best friend he's been drinking every night ever since. Does that mean he's still got feelings for me, but he's just going through something? It's only been about a week or two.
Boyfriend Drinking Everyday After Our Breakup?
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