He has a new girlfriend but wants sex one last time?

My x & I broke up a few months ago. Despite the fact that he cheated on me, he was the one who broke things off. I was left completely heartbroken like never before. So, when he said he wanted to work things out a couple weeks ago I tried; but, despite me still being completely in love with him I told him I couldn't do it anymore. We ended on bad terms... Me still feeling completely heartbroken. He went straight back to the other girl. Well, she keeps saying he still loves me and is not over me. He now says he knows I deserve better and he can't give me what I need (a faithful man I can have a family with); but, he keeps trying to get me to have sex with him one last time. She knows and I can tell it hurts her but she says she would b ok with it bc he says he needs it for closure. As much as I still love him and crave him sexually, I felt like that would just be torturing myself... So I turned him down. My question tho is, why is he still trying to do this? I told him I respected myself too much for that but he just keeps trying to touch me and keeps pretty much begging me for one last time "for closure"
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Just want to add that I am not asking bc I'm second guessing my decision to say no. I will stick to that decision. Just trying to understand why he doing this. If this is something that is going to haunt him (I actually hope it does) and if do why. If not, then y keep trying.
He has a new girlfriend but wants sex one last time?
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