How do I curb my anger at my ex?

So saving the whole story we dated a year. During that time he had a few really bad spells in which he acted like a complete child, was egotistical and selfish. I (stupidly) overlooked it because I loved him. Well 3 days ago now, he texts me out of the blue and said that he never loved me, it was all because he wanted attention. I was shocked, and more sad than anything. I never responded, and just assumed it was over. Yesterday he texted me and said he still loved me, AS A FRIEND. So that irritated me but being the forgiving, gracious person I am said okay, and that I didn't want to have any ill feelings towards each other. Basically that we could still be distant friends.

Now he and I are both going to the same even tonight, so I'll be seeing him. However, he texted me a bit ago and said that he'd still like to hang out with me. I said okay we can talk about it at the event tonight. He goes "I can tell you don't want to do don't even worry about it." WHICH MADE ME SO MAD. After everything I've done for him, stuck through with him, and forgiven him when he STILL treats me like the bad guy, and him the victim, and acts like a child. He then proceeded to tell me "It's fine. I'm not even upset."

im honestly so mad right now. What a child!!! Somebody help me before I blow up at him tonight...
How do I curb my anger at my ex?
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