Guys, how would you react or what would you think if a girl texted you this?

I've been seeing this guy for several months and he has been acting sketchy and not returning texts lately. I ran into him at a bar last night and he ignored me at first then talked to me a little bit and then left with out saying anything to me. I texted him today and asked what happened to him last night and he said " I just wasn't feeling it so I went home". so here is what I said : " Okay, whatever. I don't know what's going on with you, all I know is I used to have fun hanging out with you and that's all I thought about it so I don't know how you've managed to mess up something so simple. Let me know if you decide to stop being an idiot because I'm not wasting anymore with this."

Will he think this is stupid or pathetic or will he realize he's being a dumbass?


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  • This is a tough one to respond to because I'm trying to put myself in the guys shoes, thinking why I left you after 2 months, and that what it sounds like that I left you. There could be a lot of reasons...another girls, family problems, health problems, financial issues. The list goes on. So if he's leaving without an explanation...well, yeah, I'd hate it if a girl did that to me. But I would take it as a sign that she was no longer interested in me anymore. It would be nice to have a reason, though most of the times I knew why she didn't want to see me anymore, you put it out there that you want an explanation. Whatever it is, it seem that maybe he fears it's going to upset you.

    • I'm not totally sure but I feel like he's ending it because he felt like things were getting too serious, I was thinking that maybe assuring him that things aren't serious would help but maybe not. I know that he was definitely the one trying to leave me but I also hoped this text would confuse him a bit and make wonder if I was leaving him or the other way around or at least would his ego a bit, make him feel dumb leaving a girl like me. Could this make him want me back if he saw?

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    • I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with his phone because he responded to a message right before this one and we've never talked on the phone much. He will see me whether he wants to or not because we have the same friends and go to the same places. We're probably gonna be at the same party on Thursday and I figured I wouldn't say anything till then. Should I ignore him or say hi or should I say anything about the text I sent? I think I have a shot if he gives me a chance do you think he will?

    • If you do hook up with him again, I wouldn't get serious with him at all. I mean, he's not responding to you after walking out without saying good-bye. Doesn't sound like he cares about you, and I'd wonder if he'd keep to dates thereafter. Sometimes guys do "idiot" things to upset a girl so as to make a break up easier for them, to come across as jerks, so you leave them and they have their freedom to seek other girls or whatever. It's never good when a guy leaves you without an answer.

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  • Its straight to the point, most girls have problems doing that. Congrats.


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  • I totally agree with giovanni420.

    I also have to say... I've been in the same situation, done the same thing and he still didn't get it. But at least I made my point and I didn't waste my time with that guy anymore.

  • I think he is going to get an ego boost, and he is not going to get that he is being a jerk. You definitely should not text him again, as he is not interested, and you are only going to get hurt if you continue to think about it.


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