Should we break up or not?

For a year or maybe more I have been feeling on off that I should break up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years.
Good things: we met in grade 7 we had chemistry all the way and he kept asking me out all out high school years. In grade 11 he said he will stop when I was getting married. He made me feel so important. He is very good with reading my emotions. Our sex life is amazing. I love his family like they are my own. He almost doesn't have a jealous bone in his body and I have many guy friends. He is very handsome and has a lot of dreams about his future. He is very intelligent and can talk about deep stuff. He can be very supportive when he chooses to be.
Bad things: he had an affair with his brothers fiance before we started dating. He slept with his stepsister. He is very dominating and screams at me a lot throwing and punching things. I visit him 90% of the time. He doesn't like my family and avoids them. We used to live together for 2 years and for the first year I supported him totally and he said he was looking for jobs but I found out later he wasn't. Then when he started working he spent the money on himself and barely helped. We had to move back to our parents. I started studying full time now and only have a limited amount of money and he is working but is in a lot of debt and still borrows money from me. He loves telling people bad things about me in front of me and then I deny them and look like an idiot. When I dont agree with him he looses his temper and when we fight in the car he speeds up and drives dangerously.

Obviously I have left out a lot of good and bad as there has been a lot of things that has happened I can write a novel haha but these are the key things concerning me.
Should we break up or not?
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