How to break up?

Hey guys,
So this is the first time I have to break up with someone and I don't know how... He's about to be a paramedic on the huge project (from Wednesday to Sunday) so I kinda feel like if I break up now, I'll ruin that project for him...

The reasons why I want to break up (in short): I don't feel happy when I spend time with him. He always seems angry at something or someone, he he keeps talking about his exes and other women who want him (he's a firefighter so he gets lots of offers), he never seems to actually see me when we're together, like he doesn't listen to what I say, and often interrupt me. If I tell him something I think is funny or something that is interesting to me, he suddenly talks about something else or will start laughing at something else he's thinking about... I don't like having sex with him either... Not because of him but I feel like maybe I don't enjoy sex at all. He also squeezes my breasts and private parts so hard I get marks on my body and even when I tell him I don't like it or that it hurts, he keeps doing it.

The big pain is that we tell each other that we love each other... But I don't feel it anymore because he's always angry and he doesn't listen to me. How do I tell him I don't want to anymore? Do I wait until after his project?
How to break up?
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