Complicated breakup, he left now he's back and sending unclear messages?

So there is this guy that I really liked about a year ago. He asked me out and we dated for about a week, but ( for complicated reasons) I broke up with him, although I didn't want to. We didn't talk at all after that and the middle of last year he moved away. I finally got over him and then September this year, he shows up again. I have a class with him at school, and I think he likes me but I'm not sure. One day he ll Show a lot of interest in me and come over and flirt and be his nice self, but then the next day he' won't even acknowledge my existence! Every now and then I'll catch him looking at me, but I'm just confused by the sudden changes. Maybe he's interested, maybe he's not, maybe I'm just overlooking this whole thing and should leave it alone. What do you guys think? I really need some advice that isn't from my usual advice givers!


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  • Don't allow him in and out of your life if you want him back get him.


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