My ex is moving away?

My ex dumped me about 5 months ago. He said he just wasn't in it. That was completely backwards the words he'd been saying all along, even our friends didn't see it coming because he told them how happy he was too. 2 1/2 months later he had a new girlfriend, after dating her for 3 months he is moving away to live with her. About 6 months into our relationship he asked me to live with him and I thought it was sincere as he said he'd never considered living with a girlfriend before me. I said no only because I wanted to wait until the end of summer (a few more months) to get things better organized and to see a little more commitment on his part.

Why do I feel like I made a mistake by saying no when I did? The fact that he dumped me like he did, got into a new relationship so soon after and is now moving in with her should make me count my blessings since he clearly was insincere, but I'm still just hurt by how suddenly didn't want everything he SAID he did and left me hanging. I'm at a loss to know how to move on, even though I've done everything from no contact since the week we broke up to counseling. Advice please! I feel so stupid for caring about this guy still!


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  • Guys are JERKS! Studies have found that man don't mature till the age of 30s or higher even maybe..its not your fault. you didn't do nothing.. if you had moved things would of been wrong anyways..Things happen for a reason. you need to look it at a positve side. You should be thankful you got to see how truly he was. A guy who gets over a girlfriend fast and doesn't care. A guy who is selfish and doesn't think for others. Cheer up Friend. I know its hard I do I understand you trust me! Its hard but you need to be strong and show him and many other guys that us WOMEN are strong and that we can overcome many things in life. Time will help you heal that broken heart. just be postive and have faith in God and you will see how things will change..I hope I helped u! :)


    The Wise One


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