How do I get over a crush?

So, last year i got to know a girl at school.. its a really small school. I've seen her walk around and i always thought she was attractive. Beginning of this year we started to interact a little bit more.. we met at the gym while i was there with another girl. And after that she kept hinting to gym together (not anymore). I kept getting this feeling that she liked me back.. fast forward a couple of months and I've concluded that I've gotten a crush.. which doesn't happen often. The problem now is is that I've chatted with her on instagram.. and she doesn't seem interested at all.. and based on the chats.. i can safely say that we are NOT COMPATIBLE.. I wouldn't say she's wild.. but she's outgoing while I'm not.. i think she likes clubs while i like bars.. i also came to the understanding that she's high class financially (but not when it comes to her personality she's very chill)... the financial thing doesn't bother me that much.. but if i think about it prospectively it could develop into something problematic.. and seeing from my history which I won't bore you with, i like to have a stress free life at all costs. So my question.. how do i get over her before she gets taken cause that would kill me lol.
Or should i make a move knowing we're not compatible?
How do I get over a crush?
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