Do I tell him the truth? Trying so hard to get over my ex...

PLEASE HELP! any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

So, here is the story.

About 6 months ago, one of the lifeguards at the pool I train at began to approach me every time I came for a swim, being really friendly and chatting etc... eventually (after a few months) he asked for my number. We began dating and for about 6-7 weeks it was awesome, we got on really well, chatted easily etc. I told him right at the start that I am not going to have sex until I am married, and he said that was all good.

HOWEVER, after a couple of months we broke up. He said that we are both very different and also I am moving to a new city next year for college, and he didn't want to do long distance. But he said he was still attracted to me, we then chatted for 3 hours before going our separate ways.

Instead of telling him how I really felt (that I still like him) I agreed and said the feelings were mutual and that I think we should break up too.

I am now regretting my decision and am wondering if I should let him know that I actually still have feelings for him?

I don't even know if I would want to go back out with him but I feel like I just need to let him know that I still like him. Or am I just being pathetic and need to move on?



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What Guys Said 1

  • Katie,

    I think in this instance he has laid his cards on the table. From the sounds of it he has been quite open about the fact that he doesn't think there is potential for a relation ship between the two of you. The long distance thing is understandable, it can be very hard to pull off especially if you were only with him for couple of months.

    Whilst I'd suggest you move on and enjoy the experience that is college, it won't hurt to drop him an email with your thoughts or feelings. I would only communicate with him the once though, don't keep on at him if he doesn't reply etc. He will make of it what he will and you will have taken away the what if element that is bothering you now.

    P.S You're not being pathetic :)


What Girls Said 1

  • Your not pathetic, you like him, that happens, but you already know his feelings and your going to move soon, telling him how you feel is most likely just setting yourself up to get hurt worse, there are a lot of guys out there and I promise there is always one that will make you happier, you just have the break up blues, things will get better


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