Should I take my ex to small claims court?

We lived together and have a daughter. She broke up with me and moved two hours away. She came back two months later, broke into my house, trashed the place, and took almost everything. Some of the stuff was hers or given to us as a couple, but most of the stuff was paid for by me for us. I would've split stuff, but she broke in when I wasn't home. I filed a police report. I then moved out of State and was following up on it, then lost track of it when I moved again for work. Now I am back in the same State and am being told that no criminal charges will be brought against her because it was a misdemeanor and the prosecuting attorney for the county didn't bring the case to court before the time limit expired. Should I take her to small claims court? I have witnesses and all the evidence (pictures and the report) from the police. It's been about 4 years since this happened...


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  • do you think she will do it again?

    if so I think you should...

    if not I think you shouldn't bother anymore and move and think "what benefit will gain from it?" right?

    anyway whatever decisions you make consider your daughter as well (where is she anyway?)


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  • If it's been 4 years, and you haven't done anything about it by now... most of the sh*t you've probably already replaced. If it were that important, you would have done it 4 years ago. Let it go.

  • You could, but with it being so long, it seems kinda ridiculous. :P


What Guys Said 2

  • 4 years ago.. seriously..

    she probally doesn't even have any of the stuff but if you want to get some money go for it..

  • Do you need the money?

    • I'm not hurting for money, but she isn't either. I'm upset that nothing was done about this. Why should she just get away with it?

    • Oh, right. Go for it then.

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