Did I screw myself with this letter?

My ex has been on her mission for the last 19 months, and I had sent this letter to try to get her back. But I know she's read it, and I haven't heard anything. I know she just got back, and her mission probably had a lot going on, but we had been together three years before she left.
I was hoping to hear from her but I think I screwed up everything.
I had texted her phone hoping she'd answer and her brother answered cause it was his number now, and said she had gotten the letter. I said afterwards I was sorry to bother them, but I was just really hoping to hear from her, and I didn't want her to not contact me. That I screwed up...
I just can't seem to do the right thing for her, and I think I've lost her.

Also, the popcorn thing at the end was a inside joke between us from when we first met...
Did I screw myself with this letter?
Did I screw myself with this letter?
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