Guys, would you take your ex back in this situation?

Just say you and your ex girlfriend are still friends so still seeing each other once a week as friends
Deep down you and her still want to get back together but can't because of personal issues

You are not seeing any other girls
Just focusing on your career
But then you found out she's been seeing another guy
And being hurt, you cut contact with her

But then she contacted you a week later, expressing her true feelings towards you (shes still in love with you, etc)
But then she told you that the guy she was seeing has sucked her boobs couple of times while making out

Guys, would you take her back?Guys, would you take your ex back in this situation?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Of course I wouldn't. And it's not because "she was seeing someone". She is an ex FOR A REASON. And it would be very dumb of me to ever consider getting back together OR even being "friends". Keeping an ex as a friend is pretty much like keeping a dead dog as a pet - it's dead, it's never the same again and with the time it starts to decompose.

  • "But then she told you that the guy she was seeing has sucked her boobs couple of times while making out" - Why would she say this? lol

    My thoughts honestly, you have no idea what you truly want (your actions suggest this), so no, I'm not taking you back.

    • And that's just on what you've said here... then there's the reason (s) we broke up in the first place, that's my next thought. What, or has anything changed? Most likely not.

    • The guy asked her if theyve anything sexual
      So she feels like she needs to come clean and tell him the truth

    • If they have done anything sexual**

Most Helpful Girl

  • No, and ex is an ex for a reason. If you couldn't make it work the first time, then whats the point of even trying again? It's best to just cut ties and move on.


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  • No screw that. You dont get to come crying to me about "still loving me" after I say fuck off. Should of thought of that before. she's shouldn't be getting "boob jobs" if she wanted to be with me. This isn't cheating I know that. It's just what she chose as her priority that I that take issue with.

  • For LTR, I won't date anyone who is leaving someone to be with me, because if they do it once they can do it again.

    If you were single, I would talk about it and see where that goes.

    If you're still seeing the other guy, I would pass.

  • There's absolutely no reason for the girl to say that the new guy sucked her boobs. That sounds like she's just trying to make the ex jealous and angry

  • She's probably pregnant and needs someone to pay for the abortion.

  • This is oddly specific.

    Didn't you say you can't be together anyway?

    • Yeh but lets say she wants to get back together
      And deep down you still her so you're contemplating if you should take her back or not even if there's personal things goin on

    • You still love her*

    • I don't know how I'd feel about that, especially if I really loved her.

      There's nothing wrong with what you did, you were not together then.

      But if she wanted to get back w/ me despite having her jugs sucked by some other dude, I guess I'd do it.

  • Hell no not if she told me that that would be like a slap in the face.

    • Why would it be a slap in the face?
      Technically she's single right?

    • Because it’s not something you tell someone you love. That would break their heart.

  • If she seeing another guy I respect her choice the same if I see another girl she must respect

  • How good are the blowjobs and fucking?

  • no never. i would never take an ex back

  • Revenge fuck her if you want, but then quickly move on. She's toxic. There's a billion other single girls you can date out there. Go find someone that fits your personality better.


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