Help? Why did they do this?

So, long story short, I've been in and out of a relationship with this girl because of a religious difference for the last 5 years. We had found a great place and had an amazing relationship back in 2016, but she went on her mission. She broke us up a few months into the mission, and despite fighting for her Midway through, she didn't budge.
She just got home, and I had sent her a letter trying to get back with her, and I hadn't heard back, and I thought I would.
So I texted her cell phone number, because I k ew her brother had it, and after 5 days, he responded saying it wasn't hers anymore. Then I responded saying I k ew he had the phone, and I was wondering if she had gotten my letter. He immediately responded saying she did.
I apologized for bothering them, and Sid I was hoping to hear from her and I was trying. And I shouldn't have said I didn't want to hear from her. And I was sorry.
What I don't understand is, her family has ALWAYS ignored me in the past and she has ALWAYS responded to me.
When we were broken up the first time, she responded after not talking for almost 1.5 years, and she even said at the time how much I had hurt her in our breakup, and she bluntly said she didn't want me in her life.
Then we were together again less than six months later. Her family still held a grudge for how we broke up the first time, and I reached out to her mom to be the bigger person and try to make things ok. She ignored me.
Even when her mom told me I could contact her while my girlfriend was on the mission, I messaged her three times and she ignored me every time.

My point is I'm super confused. They aren't doing what they have done in the past. What could this mean?
Could she just be buying time before she responds? Or so she can decompress from her mission, and think about us?
I just don't understand why they would wait 5 days to respond, because they've never been courteous to me before. Nothing makes sense.

Below is the letter I sent...
Help? Why did they do this?
Help? Why did they do this?
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