He texted me after I cut him off, now I am missing him, what does he want?

I broke up with the man I was dating because I felt I was much more invested in our relationship than he was. I was always going out of my way to go see him, was there when he wanted me there, he never reciprocated that. The one time I asked for his time and attention he told me he was unavailable. I felt it was becoming very one sided and he was taking me for granted in a way. I started to feel unimportant, neglected and like a convenience. I tried to explain that before I made the decision to break things off before we became even more attached. He was hurt I broke things off, honestly I didn’t think it would hurt him since I felt he wasn’t that invested into our relationship but it did. I apologized for hurting him. He said the feelings were mutual even though that’s not what it felt like. The way I get over people is I cut them off. Well I basically asked for another chance and he said he wasn’t sure. After he said that, I left him alone. But 2 days after that he texted me again saying he hopes we could see each other soon. I didn’t understand. I told him I didn’t want to see him, I saw no point, since he wasn’t sure about me. Now I am missing him even more than before he texted me. I guess he is missing my company but not me. Why would he want to see me if he’s unsure of me now? He wanted to talk about what happened. I was just trying to move on now I want to text him again. What should I do? Is he having second thoughts about us? I’m torn right now.
1 y
I haven’t texted since I told him I didn’t want to see him and he hasn’t texted me either. Do you think he will text me again?
He texted me after I cut him off, now I am missing him, what does he want?
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